Why you should hire a professional photographer

I was recently asked by Jeannine of Vancity Bride to contribute to an article she was writing about why you should hire a professional photographer. She writes, “I pretty much lived on wedding forums when I was planning my wedding and I was amazed how many times I came across brides who were actually willing to rely on an inexperienced friend or even their guests to take their wedding photos instead of hiring a professional… All in the name of saving money! I’m all about being frugal but I think that is a huge mistake. If anything, that’s one aspect of the wedding which is okay to splurge on because you’re talking about your memories here, and you want to make sure those memories are preserved well.”

She asked a few local professional photographers on their perspective and here was my (edited) response. I wrote, “In addition to experience and expertise, another main reason to hire a professional is due to their equipment. This is not because they have access to the latest and greatest cameras. It’s due to the fact that professional photographers know their equipment well and have practiced using it many times over. They ensure their gear is in working order and check it again the night before. They also have back-up equipment of everything including another camera body and extra lenses, memory cards, batteries and flashes. Professional photographers also have liability insurance to deal with any potential mishaps on your big day. They also have lighting equipment to be prepared to deal with low and mixed lighting situations found in most wedding ceremony and reception venues.”

You can read the entire article here.

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