Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Selected by A Photo Editor Rob Haggart

When I lived in New York about 6 years ago, first as an student then as a boudoir photographer, I had started a project called Her Interior when I won the 2007 International Residency Programme from the International School of Photography in Arles, France. This image was selected by A Photo Editor, Rob Haggart, former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

Here’s my post about it being chosen in 2008.

“Rob Haggart’s free promo slideshow is now posted. You can view the full-screen version at ILikeThesePhotos. I’m very excited to be included among such talented photographers and frankly, rather surprised. My understanding was that Rob would choose more “commercial” images, whatever that means, but I decided to take a risk and send him photos from a personal project art project about female nudes in domestic interiors. Who knew? My thanks to Rob for his continued dedication to photographers.”

The original post is here.

Daphne Chan photo chosen by A Photo Editor, Rob Haggart

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