Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | what happened when I told the truth

A few days ago, I told the truth about being in a creative slump, about feeling uninspired and untrue to my vision. I was hesitant to be public about it, afraid of being judged. In a word, I felt vulnerable and raw.

However, instead of being harshly judged I was actually contacted yesterday by 2 completely different organizations to speak at an upcoming conference and an event in the next couple of months. One woman wrote, “Would you be willing to speak about what you just blogged about? I am recruiting speakers for my upcoming conference. You inspire me. I believe you would inspire others.” I’ve been asked to share my journey in becoming a vancouver boudoir photographer, a conscious creative, and all the emotional ups and downs that has entailed.

I’m so thankful for the opportunities that come when I can step into that space of vulnerability and authenticity.

Thanks for being a part of this journey! I’ll keep you updated on these events.

What happened the last time you were vulnerable?

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