Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Chosen for Inspired Mentoring and Coaching Course

I recently applied to be accepted to Kim Mallory’s Inspired Mentoring and Coaching Course. She’s not only a well regarded photographer but also an active member of my community. I wrote, “Even though I’ve been an established Vancouver Boudoir Photographer I believe I would strongly benefit from your Mentoring course. My desire to inspire women to recapture their power is strong; however, I need more efficient business and marketing plans in place for the studio during the slow times. I need guidance on how to marry the artistic side with a consistent business system.”

Some might ask, if I’m already an experienced photographer, why would I even apply? Why take a Mentoring and Coaching course when I myself have been a coach and mentor to others? My answer is I never want to stop learning. My answer is I have to courage to follow my dreams. I’m thrilled to report that I was chosen for the Mentoring and Coaching course! When I asked Kim why she had picked me she exclaimed, “If anyone has the talent & deserves to be able to make good $$$ it is YOU!! And I know you are motivated.” That I am. I’m ready to work my ass off.

Anyone I know who’s been very successful at what they do have been lifelong students who continually hone their craft. The very best leaders have also been learners.

I’ll keep you up to date on my journey and it all starts on May 13th!

Good things come to those who work their ass off

Good things come to those who work their asses off

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