Photo shoot on a nudist beach in Vancouver

This photo shoot on a nudist beach in Vancouver was commissioned by a client who wanted a fine art nude portrait. She said, “The reason I’m doing this is to feel good about the body I’m in, to see my confidence and strength, to have images to show off to the world that someone my size is beautiful too. I hope to reach other women who feel their body is disgusting, or have been told they are ugly and help them see that a large body is beautiful too.”

After the session, she emailed me, “I am still amazed at the complete acceptance people at the beach had of my body… the total non-issue I was…. my fat jiggled everywhere and no one cared!  I have NEVER felt like that before.  I’ve been actually googling nudist beaches around here, plus caribbean resorts and cruises.  I just want more of it!!!  A difference kind of body acceptance was awakened on Saturday.  So thank you for that!  🙂 ”

Following her emotional viewing session, she told me, “This whole experienced opened me up to a previously unknown world of self-acceptance. I wandered around Wreck Beach buck-naked and no one cared! No one laughed at me, pointed, snickered, yelled ‘fatso’ or made oinking noises (and yes, I have experienced all of that a multitude of times during my life). It was so freeing to be me, without any layers, just me. I learned that I have nothing to be ashamed of. I am strong, and courageous, and beautiful. I’m fucking amazing actually!!!! So thank you Daphne Chan for this amazing experience!

So my question is, Why don’t we see more of these images in mainstream media?

Update: When this client was looking for inspiration images for her photoshoot, she was unable to find any images of women who looked like her, who represented her body type. This is one of the reasons we collaborated on this project. I’m so fired up by all your positive responses I emailed The Huffington Post to ask them why there isn’t more diversity in women’s sizes in the media! If you wonder the same thing, please contact them here with this link:

Update 2: Thank you for all your positive comments and encouraging this woman to embrace her body positive image and confidence. If you have any negative comments about my work or her body I ask that you please not try to PM my client. She has worked so hard to come to this place of self-acceptance over years and I’m so proud of her. Thank you!

Fine art nude at Wreck Beach in Vancouver with Miss S

Fine art nude photo shoot at nudist beach 1

Fine art nude photo shoot at nudist beach 2

Fine art nude photo shoot at nudist beach 3

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