Monthly event with Vancouver CRAVEfuel | Women and Money

I had the privilege of hosting another Daphne Chan Photography Event. This event was in collaboration with Vancouver CRAVEfuel May 2014 which is a collection of innovative businesses created by women.

The speakers, Marissa Cepelinkski, co-founder and partner, and Alli Warnyca, Financial Security Advisor were from Capital Core Financial and started a very interesting discussion about women, money, and the connection to value and worth.

Each of the participants was able to share her story and we were all asked, “What is the story you tell yourself about your money?” I even shared my story about being in business debt and how weighed down I felt it. Once I was able to shift my mindset to one of value, that my photography business was an exchange of energy, that my clients would value what I did and provided, only then was I able to turn it around and begin to build it up again.

If you have ever felt burdened by the word debt and all that it emcompasses, I would highly encourage you to seek professional advice to demystify the process.

Marissa and Alli of Capital Core Financial with Brooke of CRAVE


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