Miss L the Glamour Vixen

I was fortunate to work with Miss L last week. One of the best moments we shared is when she brought her husband to her private reveal session. This intimate photoshoot was a gift for Mr L so it was only fitting that he be there. From the moment her first image popped up on the screen, all he could do was exclaim, “Wow! Oh wow! That one is just…wow!” I couldn’t stop smiling when I noticed Miss L  was watching his face, seeing his love and some good old fashioned lust.

These are the testimonies from Miss L and her husband that she was kind enough to share:

“I’m not a superstitious person but when all the forces in the universe are pulling you towards something, you just can’t ignore it.  Always in the back of my mind, a repression of “what if’s” resurfaced during a chance meeting that took place between myself and Daphne.  Fate is the fragile yet powerful word I would use to describe my session with Daphne.

This was a very personal experience for me in exploring the glamour vixen within myself that Daphne so vividly saw the minute we shook hands. She made me feel so comfortable and natural in my vulnerability and encouraged to let what I’ve been holding inside, out without judgement.

Thank you Daphne- you truly made my experience a work of art!”

And her dear husband has this to say:

“Right away I could see the increase of confidence that my wife portrayed through this journey with Daphne.  She helped my wife see the beauty that I see in her everyday.”

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