Miss C shares her Courageous Boudoir Photoshoot Experience

It’s safe to say that Miss C is one of the most fiery women I have photographed. When she initially contacted me I was very excited as she’s a talented, award-winning and well known photographer in Vancouver. I believe it’s the highest honour when a fellow artist chooses to work with you.

A year ago Miss C asked to remain anonymous and of course I could respect her need for discretion and privacy. Imagine my surprise and delight when she contacted me a few days ago and asked me to blog about her photoshoot. Here, in her own words, Miss C shares her Courageous Boudoir Photoshoot Experience.

1. What were your thoughts when you booked your shoot? Any thing that made you decide to do it?
I was in sort of a bad place in my life, my marriage was on the rocks and I just needed to do something that was for me. I wanted to invoke that inner bad ass that I once had when I was a bit younger and was willing to take the world on, head on.

2. How did you feel after your shoot and receiving your album?
At first if I’m being honest, I felt like I was disappointed with the weight I  had put on over the years, but as I have looked back at the album over and over it has started to mean more to me. I now look at it and realize I was a much stronger woman then than I thought, its good to be reminded of that.
3. What led you to asking me to blog/show your images a year later?

I had asked for them not to be shown before because I was afraid I might come across as unprofessional if they were to come up on the internet, but to be honest I just don’t give a fuck anymore. If anyone out there doesn’t want to hire me or be linked to me because I’m seen as a sexually empowered woman, well quite frankly, fuck them.

I completely admire Miss C’s courage and honesty and vulnerability and hope to share that journey with so many other women.

p.s. I’m also a fan of F-bombs.

Daphne Chan Photography Vancouver Boudoir Miss C shares her Photoshoot Experience

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