Interview with Hot Art Wet City

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Bentzen and Hilary Henegar. They were at my studio to interview me for Hot Art Wet City a weekly video series that, “introduces you to the cultural creators of Vancouver, BC. Each new, intimate video interview features an artist, curator or facilitator from a broad spectrum of disciplines. We’re here to showcase the arts in Vancouver, connect Vancouver art audiences with their creative neighbours, and dispel the myth that “everyone” creative is leaving our wet city. Vancouver may not be the cultural centre of the world but we certainly are an incubator for talented people.”

At one point during the interview I was asked, “What is the meaning of art?”. I stumbled in my answer but managed to blurt out that it involved people creating a dialogue between each other and society. I’m still not sure what the answer is but the photo below comes close to answering what art means to me.


Dancer in NY, 2008

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