I went to New York and all I got was…everything

Since I was already on the east coast working in Toronto, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to return to New York. This October trip was so busy and the highlights of my trip included:

– Attending the Shoot NYC event on Thursday which included a great presentation by Alex and Aurelie of Resource Magazine

– Participating in a photo walk of the High Line organized by Kate Hailey of  Creativelive and re-uniting with their fantastic team; including Susan, Kenna and meeting Russ

– Touring the Chelsea galleries, aka Mecca to artists, and being inspired by innovative world class art

– Attending Photo Plus Expo and seeing all the new gadgets and toys available to any working photographer today

– Winning a ticket to Photographers Ignite to view a live taping in a NY studio of today’s photo movers and shakers such as Sue Bryce, AJ Coots, Bambi Cantrell, Chris Meyer, Eric O’Connor, Fran Vega, Jeremy Cowart, Kenna Klosterman and Susan Roderick, Lindsay Adler, Matthew Kemmetmueller, Tamara Lackey, and Vail Fucci.

– Having a model fly in from Salt Lake City to give her a first taste of NY city in all its glory.

This photo represents some of the work I saw in Chelsea that asked more questions than it answered-isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

Chelsea art gallery, New York, Oct 2012

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