My own Glamour Photoshoot Experience Series – Part 2

In this short series on my own Glamour Photoshoot Experience, here’s Part 2.

If you recall in Part 1, I was really nervous about booking the photoshoot. One of the reasons I was nervous was simply based on my insecurities of how I would look. Even though I think of myself as someone who’s reasonably comfortable with her body, just thinking about doing the photoshoot made me both excited and nervous. Despite the fact that this is an experience that I’ve created for women for years, somehow when it came down to my own, I was…just another woman. Not a professional photographer but a woman with her own doubts and body image issues.

In fact, I even followed my advice I give to clients to prepare for the photoshoot: I drank a lot of water, limited my salt intake and tried to get lots of rest the night before. What was the reality? The night before the photoshoot I was frenzily packing my suitcase and wondering what to bring. No wonder some of my clients have called me the night before in a similar panic! I have a confession to make to you guys: I was so hungry from not eating much in the past few days that at 2am I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich and had a glass of wine.

Talk about a humbling experience. Here I was speaking to my boudoir clients to reassure them with a calm, compassionate tone and yet my own experience was eating cheese at 2 in the morning. 🙂

The Glamour Photoshoot itself was a wonderful experience. Working with one of my creative team stylists Joanna Keller was so calming. She faced me away from the mirror as my makeup was applied and when she was done she turned me towards the mirror. Drum roll please…The first words out of my mouth was , “Holy shit! That doesn’t even look like me!” The woman in the mirror was me but she was also flirty and a sex kitten and very glamourous. It reinforced the magic of that first moment when my client saw herself. Really saw herself. When all the critical voices just shut up and she could say with gusto, “I look amazing!”

What can I tell you about the photoshoot? It was playful and sexy and hilarious. I got to dance, pose and laugh.

Another thing I always encourage my clients to do after the photoshoot is to plan an evening out either with girlfriends or their boyfriend or husband. That night my husband took me out to a very fancy restaurant and I felt so chic and dressed up. It felt so special to hear his compliments. 🙂

Excited to see the results? Stay tuned for Part 3! Here’s a photo of me before getting dressed for dinner.

My Own Glamour Photoshoot Experience - Part 2

My Own Glamour Photoshoot Experience – Part 2



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