My own Glamour Photoshoot Experience Series – Part 1

As part of re-branding my website, I made a decision to be more personal and authentic and show you more of who I am. Part of that, obviously, means showing you what I look like! It may come as a surprise for you to know that I don’t have any professional photos of myself. (As I write this, I recognize the irony. Ha.) Believe it or not I’m kinda self-conscious, especially in front of the camera.

I have booked my own Glamour Photoshoot Experience and I’m so nervous! My photoshoot is this week and I’ve asked myself, What should I wear? Will I look good? Should I try to lose weight? What if my arms look flabby? The gift of booking this photoshoot is that I’ve become much more aware of the doubts we women can have about our bodies and self-image. This is such a wonderful reminder that every client who comes to studio engages in an act of Courage. The courage to be seen, to look at her insecurities with self-possession, power and confidence.

Here’s the Pinterest Mood Board I put together for the photoshoot. What do you think?

Stay tuned for Part 2 (the Photoshoot itself) and Part 3 (The Revealed Photos) coming soon!

Daphne Chan Photography - My own Glamour Photoshoot Experience Part 1

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