Featured on Jan 2015 Cover of No More Potlucks Magazine

Transparency: The Gender Identity Project – In Conversation With Daphne Chan

I’m so stoked to be featured on Jan 2015 Cover of No More Potlucks Magazine.

Daphne Chan’s current project “Transparency: The Gender Identity Project” is, according to the photographer, “a powerful statement in visibility and diversity.” The project centers on visually depicting individuals who challenge socially prescribed constructions of gender identity and gender expression. Still in its infancy, the work has received widespread attention. The project was listed on Buzzfeed’s “Transgender Art & Culture In 2014” list and Chan successfully completed an Indiegogo campaign for the project. The funds raised will enable Chan to travel to New York for a three-month residency to complete the project. NMP had an opportunity to talk to Chan about the project.

Andrea Zeffiro: How did you first conceive of Transparency: The Gender Identity Project?

Daphne Chan: When I was 13 years old, my mother took me to see a lip-synching transexual in a seedy bar in downtown Bangkok. The songbird strutted in the spotlight wearing high heels and a skin-tight, low-cut sequined gown. After the performance, members of the audience were invited backstage to squeeze her breasts as they posed for photos. I was shocked, confused and mesmerized. It was the first time I witnessed the outright subversion of social conventions.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

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