Event: Heather Morton on Risking Everything

Last night I attended a talk given by Heather Morton, an Art Buyer and Blogger. The event was directed to an audience of commercial photographers who want to work with clients in advertising. The title of her presentation was “Risk Everything” and she defines this as:

1. Be a visionary

2. Always be promoting

3. Expand your horizon

4. Experiment and get smarter

5. Get in over your head

6.Reconsider money

7. DIY

8. Collaborate

9. Shoot everyday

The advice Heather gave would apply to any kind of photographer. No, you don’t need to shoot just one thing but let your vision be apparent in all your work. Be consistent in your branding. It’s hard to get through to art buyers (or your clients) with emails and paper promos so social media is a new channel. The traditional job description of the photographer has changed radically but there are enough channels out there for you to choose from. Don’t like to blog? You can use tumbler. Don’t understand Twitter, then try Facebook. Remember social media is a channel, not a marketing strategy. Photographers in the future who will be successful will see the changes as opportunities. Social media should be a part of your arsenal where the photographer who’s more visible and more engaged will more likely to known to the client and get the job.

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