Event: Day 2 at Creativelive with Zack Arias

We’re almost coming to the end of Day 2 with Zack Arias, the Z man of photography and lighting. It’s been another full day of fundamentals. Today Mr. Arias demonstrated various lighting scenarios: a typical headshot session in natural light, a breakdancer against a white background, using different kinds of light modifiers,  and two models shot separately in the alley behind the studio on how to mix flash and ambient lighting.

I’d share the master techniques I learned but the day has been a blur and my head is so full of information it’s slowly imploding. What I enjoyed most from the day is watching how Zack works. The man managed to teach a class, connect to his subject, set up great lighting, answer questions from Twitter, answer questions from his students, all the while maintaining his cool and getting some great pictures. This is the kind of man so many art directors want to hire and I got to see it in action.

Tomorrow is the live critique: two words that strikes fear into the heart of any creative individual. Hope I can escape with minimal bruising.


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