Do I photograph men?

I’ve often been asked whether I photograph men. The answer is: I certainly do! Given that the majority of people featured on my blog and website are women, it’s a natural question to ask. The men I have photographed in the past have mainly been through family portrait and couple boudoir sessions. I’ve also photographed male fitness models, headshot sessions for actors and the occasional Fine Art nude shoot.

Recently, I was commissioned for a male portrait and Fine Art nude session and it reminded me how much I enjoy that type of shoot. Is there a difference in photographing men vs. women? On the one hand, yes, as the body language for men has a tendency to be more direct and more open and the poses for women tend to be more contained. The shapes I like to create as a photographer differ in male and female clients. On the other hand, no, there isn’t much difference: the way a man or woman connects to themselves and to the camera is still the same, the body is relaxed and the expression is open.

All this to say, I’m looking forward to photographing more male portrait sessions in the future.

Mr R Portrait 2012


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