The Creative Gap by Ira Glass

It’s happening again. It’s happened before so it feels familiar. It’s happened before so I can get through it. Every time I start a new project, there’s the excitement and creative joy that starts to veer towards…well, plainly put, good old fear. The gap between what I’m doing and what I want it to look and feel like. Something is missing. Something doesn’t quite fit yet. So do the work. And when you think something is done, do the work.

Have you ever heard of The Creative Gap by Ira Glass? The gist of Glass’s message for beginners — that grit is what separates mere good taste from great work, and that the only way to bridge the gap between ability and ambition is to actually do the work — is one that rings true for just about every creative discipline, and something I can certainly speak to in my own experience.

This plays on a loop in my mind:
On Being Creative by Ira Glass Video

Can you relate?


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