How I can use art and photography to heal myself

I’ve been going through a challenging time lately and I’ve struggled whether to be public about this. On social media, we’re so used to seeing a well-curated version of our lives: the exotic places we travel, the sumptuous meals we consume and the high notes of our lives. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think that others were in a constant state of nirvana.

How often do we talk about the low points, the failures and the turmoil? Lately I’ve been feeling sluggish, sad and uninspired. My workload has slowed down and I justified it by saying it was due to the winter months, the economy, blah blah blah. The truth is that I haven’t fully given myself to an honest vision; what I truly believe and the work I really want to create. Work that I think will alienate others, work that will be provocative and be perceived as weird. Not just the work I hope will appeal to an audience that will buy my work and pay my bills.

This blog post I came across today really hit home written by photographer Ryan Muirhead, “In the end, it’s about honesty.  It’s about the willingness to face really, really shitty questions about yourself and not lie.  Maybe you don’t start out being honest to the entire world, but at least don’t lie to yourself.  And that is so hard.  That’s the journey.  That’s why it turns into a lifelong thing.  That’s where good art comes from, and if you’re gonna do that, it’s gonna set you on a completely different path.”

So maybe that’s where I can start. By not lying to myself. And begin the journey again. Often that permission to start anew is how I can use art and photography to heal myself.

You can read Ryan’s full post here.

Photograph by Ryan Muirhead

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