Behind the scenes of the filming of “Transformation”

Yesterday a photographer, a hair and makeup artist, a stylist, a model and director of photography gathered together to tell a story about Transformation.

A woman arrives at the studio curious, excited and nervous. She’s wearing her everyday clothes with her face fresh and clean and representing the every day authentic woman. Through the experience of being pampered by a makeup artist, a stylist and a photographer, she realises her true inner and outer beauty as it’s reflected back to her and she lets it shine through.

It was a whirlwind of shooting, art directing and producing! Thank you to my creative team who inspired us to step into the creative vortex: Andrew Nguyen, Stephannie Walker, Nenuphar Flower and the stunning Karen Zygun,

I can’t wait to show you the film! In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes photos of the process and the studio.


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