Vancouver Boudoir Photography | Society’s Pressure on Women

As a Boudoir Photographer, I have countless, intimate discussions with other women about the beauty standards imposed on women. I have long stated that it’s my life long mission to inspire women to reclaim their power and their confidence and to love themselves through radical self-acceptance. While there may be a glimmer of hope when companies like Dove create empowering viral content, a new photo series explores how truly corrosive beauty standards can be to the female body.

While these images may not fall under the category of empowering boudoir photography, they certainly ask us to evaluate our collective cosmetic obsession takes on women. Created by Melbourne-based visual artist Jessica Ledwich, each photo is a surreal document of how the ways women are conditioned to treat themselves often involve physical violence. Whether the series’ heroine is using a car buffer to wax her legs to an unhealthily pink hue or sever fingers for manicuring purpose, Ledwich elevates everyday beauty regimens to a level of sublime grotesquerie.

“While the series employs an element of the absurd, the reality of what women put themselves through is not so far from the truth,” Ledwich says. “Some procedures might just be uncomfortable, but others are downright dangerous–all so we can aspire to look like a model that is digitally manipulated in the first place.”

The rest of her arresting series can be found here.

This themes explored in my project My Body is a Cage are similar and haunting.

Jessica Ledwich - The Fanciful Monstrous Feminine 1

Jessica Ledwich – The Fanciful Monstrous Feminine 1

Jessica Ledwich – The Fanciful Monstrous Feminine 2

Jessica Ledwich - The Fanciful Monstrous Feminine 3

Jessica Ledwich – The Fanciful Monstrous Feminine 3

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Stella & Dot Jewelry Event on April 16th

Ladies, ready to spruce up your Spring wardrobe? There’s less than a week until this event!

Daphne Chan, Boudoir Photographer and Grace Lanuza, Senior Stylist, will be co-hosting an exclusive trunk show of the Stella & Dot Spring and Summer Collection!

Come for an evening of complimentary champagne, hors d’oeuvres, a complimentary Spring Lip Makeover with Joanna Keller Beautique and meet one of Vancouver’s premier stylist.

We will have a small team of ladies modelling the jewelry so you can see it up close for yourself.

There are lots of door prizes to be won so we hope to see you therel

Feel free to forward this post to anyone who would love to attend! RSVP at the Facebook invitation to reserve your spot!

Stella & Dot April 16 Studio Event

Stella & Dot April 16 Studio Event

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Selected by A Photo Editor Rob Haggart

When I lived in New York about 6 years ago, first as an student then as a boudoir photographer, I had started a project called Her Interior when I won the 2007 International Residency Programme from the International School of Photography in Arles, France. This image was selected by A Photo Editor, Rob Haggart, former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine.

Here’s my post about it being chosen in 2008.

“Rob Haggart’s free promo slideshow is now posted. You can view the full-screen version at ILikeThesePhotos. I’m very excited to be included among such talented photographers and frankly, rather surprised. My understanding was that Rob would choose more “commercial” images, whatever that means, but I decided to take a risk and send him photos from a personal project art project about female nudes in domestic interiors. Who knew? My thanks to Rob for his continued dedication to photographers.”

The original post is here.

Daphne Chan photo chosen by A Photo Editor, Rob Haggart

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | what happened when I told the truth

A few days ago, I told the truth about being in a creative slump, about feeling uninspired and untrue to my vision. I was hesitant to be public about it, afraid of being judged. In a word, I felt vulnerable and raw.

However, instead of being harshly judged I was actually contacted yesterday by 2 completely different organizations to speak at an upcoming conference and an event in the next couple of months. One woman wrote, “Would you be willing to speak about what you just blogged about? I am recruiting speakers for my upcoming conference. You inspire me. I believe you would inspire others.” I’ve been asked to share my journey in becoming a vancouver boudoir photographer, a conscious creative, and all the emotional ups and downs that has entailed.

I’m so thankful for the opportunities that come when I can step into that space of vulnerability and authenticity.

Thanks for being a part of this journey! I’ll keep you updated on these events.

What happened the last time you were vulnerable?

Inspirational Quote-What Lies within us

vancouver boudoir photographer | announcement to be made!

If you’re in Vancouver and have ever wanted to do a fun, sexy and glamorous boudoir photo shoot, I have an exciting opportunity to announce next week! My creative team and I have been brainstorming on a collaboration and I can’t wait to tell you about it.

As I mentioned in my preview post, I had been feeling a creative lull so I decided to best way to banish that was to give full force to my ideas and there’s a great opportunity for you to participate!

Daphne Chan Boudoir Photoshoot Opportunity