I’m so excited to announce I’ll be speaking at Inspiration Circle by Kendra and Brad Coupland. This is such an honour and I hope to see you there. I’ll be making a very exciting announcement so don’t miss it!

Kendra and Brad Coupland run an inspiration circle once a month in New Westminster – it’s a free event where artists can come together, share ideas and inspire each other. It’s not intended to be a business network, or to self-promote in any way – just simply a forum where artists can leave their egos behind, and go to teach, to learn, to share, and to create together.

“Tomorrow Vancouver’s own Daphne Chan will be speaking live at our Inspiration Circle Meetup at 7PM in New Westminster, at the River Market. Following Daphne we will have a Q&A / Open discussion on the topic of “Personal Vision in Commissioned Work”.

Daphne Chan is a Canadian artist and photographer. She studied at the the National School of Photography in Arles and the International Center of Photography in New York. Her work is concerned with issues of female body image, identity and sexuality. Her work has been featured in group and solo shows across Canada, the US, and Europe. She has been acclaimed for her fine art nude portraiture and articles about her work have been published in different media. Her mission is to empower women to reclaim their confidence and love themselves through radical self-acceptance.

Daphne previously shot weddings in her earlier body of work, before moving into a body of work that better represented her vision (namely fine art & boudoir) Daphne will speaking speaking about staying true to one’s personal vision, and sharing her own personal journey through the creative process. (trust me as someone who has spoken to her extensively on this – you won’t want to miss this even because she is a wildly engaging & inspirational photographer)

As mentioned earlier, Inspiration Circle is a free event for local Vancouver artists, but does require an RSVP so we know how many to expect. You can RSVP for the event below:


Inspiration Circle will be at Suite 209 – 810 Quayside Drive on the second floor of the River Market in New Westminster. We will get started right at 7pm, so please arrive about 10 minutes earlier to give yourself time to get settled! Feel free to bring a notepad – you never know if you’ll hear something that resonates with you that you’ll want to carry forward in your work. I’ll bring a kettle and a selection of teas, but please feel free to bring a snack for sharing if you’d like.”

For more information on Daphne Chan:
Boudoir website: http://www.daphnechan.com/
Fine art website: http://cargocollective.com/daphnechanphoto
Daphne lives and works in Vancouver and is available for commissions worldwide.



I’ve been working on my new fine art website and it’s finally ready!

This website represents my work and personal projects over the past 8 years. Along the way, I’ve met so many incredible people who participated in such a wondrous and complex and ephemeral process called art. The creation, inspiration, reinvention, Muse and Critic have all played their parts. I’m so thankful to have an avenue to explore so many ideas and concepts and imagine it will be a life’s work to ponder all of them.

Fine Art Website

The Flawless Sabrina project

The Flawless Sabrina project

Several days ago I was surprised to receive an invitation to an intimate conversation with Danielle Laporte. For those of you not familiar with her work, she’s the author of several books including one called The Desire Map. It’s been taking the book world by storm as she’s created a part guide, a part manual that reverse engineers goal setting: instead of setting objectives and goals then reaching and aspiring to them, what if you become clear on how to want to feel then use these core desired feelings as a guide on how to plan your day, your year, your life?

During this intimate conversation with Danielle and her team, a group of women (and one man) gathering in the living room to talk about their experience in reading and applying the book. One of the first questions asked by Annika, our facilitator, was, “Growing up, what did you learn about showing emotions? How did your family deal with that?” Well, that set the tone as one participant shared an honest and personal story.

After we covered the topics of guilt, motherhood, relationships, success, I asked Danielle about her thoughts on self-acceptance and she replied that during her more challenging moments she wondered how kind she could be to herself. That was balm to my ears as I have grappled with self-acceptance and felt compelled to include it in my mission with empowering women.

The best piece of advice she offered last night was, “Speak up!” and so at the end of the night Danielle was kind enough to view my personal photography projects and offer her insights. I’m hoping our conversation leads to another and another…Stay tuned!

Meeting Danielle Laporte-Author of The Desire Map

Meeting Danielle Laporte-Author of The Desire Map

People have been undressing for me for a long time. As someone who has photographed women over the years wearing lingerie or are nude, I’ve come to realize two very important things. One is that, no matter her size, almost every woman has had a distorted body image at one point. Call it conditioning, call it societal pressure, call is media distortion: somehow women think their bodies need to conform to ONE ideal of beauty.

The second thing I realized is that bodies truly do come in all shapes and sizes.  I recently read a beautiful post that reminds me, “Women have cellulite. All of them. It’s dimply and cute. It’s not a defect. It’s not a health problem. It’s the natural consequence of not consisting of photoshopped pixels. and not having emerged from an airbrush.”

So what do women really look like? The truth is that every body in front of my camera is beautiful. Every single one. There really are no exceptions to this rule.

Daphne Chan-What Women Really Look Like

Daphne Chan-What Women Really Look Like

After many iterations, I’ve finally updated my website! You can have a look at the new, larger, mobile-friendly format at daphnechan.com. There are still a few changes to be made but, for the most part, it’s done!

So for the typical photographer, the About section can be such a snore fest. They often read as “I am passionate about…photography!” Geez, I hope so! You’ve decided dedicate your life to it so you better be passionate about it.

One thing I learned through my business coaching with Jeff Jochum with Team X was to ask myself, as a Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Can the About section be fun? Absolutely yes! He taught me that clients didn’t care about what art school I attended or how many years I’ve been in business, they care about WHO I am and WHAT I believe in. So my About section is simply about what I believe in, including the statement, “I believe in multiple orgasms.” If that statement offends you and makes you want to close your browser, then maybe we’re not for each other. On the other hand, if that statement made you wonder, “Who is this woman and how I can work with her?” then you got a gut reaction that we would have a lot in common and share the same sense of humour.

Here’s my I believe section. Let me know if you enjoy reading it!

Daphne Chan Photography - What I believe

Daphne Chan Photography – What I believe