People have been undressing for me for a long time. As someone who has photographed women over the years wearing lingerie or are nude, I’ve come to realize two very important things. One is that, no matter her size, almost every woman has had a distorted body image at one point. Call it conditioning, call it societal pressure, call is media distortion: somehow women think their bodies need to conform to ONE ideal of beauty.

The second thing I realized is that bodies truly do come in all shapes and sizes.  I recently read a beautiful post that reminds me, “Women have cellulite. All of them. It’s dimply and cute. It’s not a defect. It’s not a health problem. It’s the natural consequence of not consisting of photoshopped pixels. and not having emerged from an airbrush.”

So what do women really look like? The truth is that every body in front of my camera is beautiful. Every single one. There really are no exceptions to this rule.

Daphne Chan-What Women Really Look Like

Daphne Chan-What Women Really Look Like

After many iterations, I’ve finally updated my website! You can have a look at the new, larger, mobile-friendly format at There are still a few changes to be made but, for the most part, it’s done!

So for the typical photographer, the About section can be such a snore fest. They often read as “I am passionate about…photography!” Geez, I hope so! You’ve decided dedicate your life to it so you better be passionate about it.

One thing I learned through my business coaching with Jeff Jochum with Team X was to ask myself, as a Vancouver Boudoir Photographer | Can the About section be fun? Absolutely yes! He taught me that clients didn’t care about what art school I attended or how many years I’ve been in business, they care about WHO I am and WHAT I believe in. So my About section is simply about what I believe in, including the statement, “I believe in multiple orgasms.” If that statement offends you and makes you want to close your browser, then maybe we’re not for each other. On the other hand, if that statement made you wonder, “Who is this woman and how I can work with her?” then you got a gut reaction that we would have a lot in common and share the same sense of humour.

Here’s my I believe section. Let me know if you enjoy reading it!

Daphne Chan Photography - What I believe

Daphne Chan Photography – What I believe


I’m so pleased to announce that I will be teaching “The Boudoir Photography Workshop with Daphne Chan” on Sat and Sun July 19 to 20  at Vancouver Photo Workshops. I’m glad to report this will be the first course taught specifically about boudoir.




“Want to build a successful Boudoir Photography Business? In this 2 day workshop, Daphne Chan will teach you step by step how to build an amazing high end experience for your clients-from marketing to your ideal clients and achieving high sales averages with your products and services.
Daphne invites you to her live/work New York-style loft studio to demonstrate lighting and posing techniques to flatter every body type. Each student will receive hands on coaching on posing the models and tips on how to create an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability with all clients. Our weekend will wrap with personalized image critiques for each student of images captured during the workshop. If you are new to boudoir, or already have a thriving boudoir business, you don’t want to miss this workshop!”

It’s going to be such a great workshop packed with information on lectures, demos on posing, hands on shooting, post-processing techniques, sales and marketing.

To sign up, click here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole at a several networking events for entrepreneurs when we decided to collaborate on a business partnership. Nicole is the founder of owner of Le Physique, a private personal training and wellness facility in False Creek, Vancouver. We realized that our companies had similar goals-changing women’s lives.

She said, “People that I had come to care about told me how they gained more confidence, made new friends and turned their lives around. I had the intention of helping people reclaim their lives through healthy living, and empowering them to be able to make a difference in the world, by making a difference in their own.”

Combined with my mission to empower women reclaim their confidence, here are the images of the transformation of Nicole. I can’t wait to work with her clients who work so hard to achieve their wellness goals and celebrate it with a powerful and courageous Boudoir session.

Before and After of Nicole


It was also fun to learn Nicole is an avid cosplay fan so here we playfully offer homage to her favourite character, Lady Loki.

Nicole as cosplay character Lady Loki

Nicole as cosplay character Lady Loki


Daphne Chan Photography is excited to announce The Ultimate Vancouver Boudoir Model Search!

My creative team and I are looking for 3 women to model for a luxury Boudoir Photoshoot. Your shoot would take place at a specific date and time at our New York-style loft studio in Strathcona, Vancouver, near the Commercial Drive area.

The criteria for application are women aged 21-40 with:

- Full shoulder length or longer hair is preferred
- Clear skin
- Cannot be a former or current client – Must have a positive and sassy attitude and willing to relax and have fun!
- No modelling experience required. My team and I will make you look and feel fabulous.

Please note you must sign a full model release as the images will be used online and in advertising. Your face will be shown but nudity is not required. You must be over 18. This model release is irrevocable. If this condition is not met, payment will be required for this exchange with a value of $2000 in services.

In exchange for modelling you will receive a complimentary photoshoot, professional hair and makeup and looking glamourous! If you’re interested please send an email stating WHY you want to model and attach a photo of yourself to:

Due to the volume of applicants, only the selected models will be contacted. ONLY email submissions will be considered. Thank you and good luck in applying!

The Ultimate Vancouver Boudoir Model Search

The Ultimate Vancouver Boudoir Model Search